Suppliers No 11 and 12: Collaborating, artist Samuel Lindup and cake designer Minky Kitten Cakes

April 5, 2017

A marvelous day, filled with creativity, humor and genius skills. 

Sam Lindup a local artist from Bath and award winning Minky Kitten Cakes, combined their skills LOOK what was made!


Sam Lindup drew and illustration using his unique flair and art as an invitation for suppliers and also, as the colouring poster for the

Field Good Wedfest,

which is ran by The Colouring Clinic, an events marketing or client based  bespoke colouring image design service.

 These poster can be created and used as gifts or as a creative project at events like festival, and community led cohesion projects.

The Colouring Clinic is also known as Colour Scene depending on the event.


            Our beautiful invite for our incredible suppliers  




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